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“Wow, thank u for the fast customer service. Really appreciate it. :-)”
-Houston, Texas


“I installed the fuse kits you sent me, the HF drivers just went out at the gig. At the end I checked the fuse and it gave. You saved me & I want to THANK YOU x 100 !!!!”
-Markham, IL


“Hey Jack, I just got the part, and it is Purrrfect. Thank you so much, and I am glad I found you.”
-Las Vegas


“Hi Jack-I’m sitting here with my morning coffee and just replaced an actuator assembly on one of our SLX2’s. (Isn’t that what everyone does first thing in the morning?) We have 8 SLX2’s that are heavily used (and sometimes abused), and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your great products and service that keep us in great working order! Not only do you carry ALL of the parts that commonly need replacing (in thoughtful combination repair kits, no less), but I am ESPECIALLY grateful for the simple repair explanations, tips and pictures included in your product descriptions.

You’ve made my life easy. Anyone can sell some parts… but it’s the extra little things you do that make your company great.”
-Virginia, USA


“Excellent! Thanks Jack. I really appreciate your superb customer service.”
-Nashua, NH


“Hi Jack, Thank you so much for the prompt response and excellent support.”
-New York, NY


“You are absolutely THE BEST!!!! The cords got here on time. They worked perfectly!”
-Sioux City, SD


“The order is here! Great service. Thanks so much.”
-Los Gatos, CA


“OH My guys are way quick. awesome…Thank you very much.”


“Received my new crossover today, and my jbl’s work like NEW! THANKS JACK’S!!!!!”
-Savannah, GA


“Thanks Jack. Great doing business with you.”
-Atlanta, GA


“I am a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and a member of the Audio Engineering Society, and I will make sure to recommend your company to other members based on your great customer service. Thanks again.”
-Johnson City, NY


-San Francisco, CA


“Thank you doing everything you promised and more. I am very happy with my purchase and your service is exceptional.”
-Durham, NC