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This is the JBL Black Invisiball (MPN 179-00002-00).

JBL Control 25/28 Black Invisiball

SKU: 92068
  • This is the JBL Black Invisiball (MPN 179-00002-00). It is the proper mounting bracket for both the Control 25 and Control 28 speakers. The wrench to adjust the invisiball assembly is sold separately on this site. Please notice the closeup of the back of the flange. There you will find a very special aircraft nut holding the ball in place. The nut on the face of the flange is tightened so that the ball assembly is trapped into the flange. During the use of this product, you should periodically check that the capture nut on the face or the nylock aircraft nut on the back have not loosened from vibration. If the ball assembly is not tight, it can shear away from the flange. The JBL Control 25 and Control 28 speaker cabinets are provided with a ring for the purpose of installing a safety cable that would prevent the cabinet from falling if the wall mount should fail. Check your local safety codes for more information on safety cables and installation of overhead speakers in general. We are no longer providing the white version of this product since it is easy to paint and most of it is hidden from sight anyway and it costs less. Screws are not provided since they must be selected based on the wall material involved. A copy of the original installation remarks from JBL are included. If you do not see the item you seek or if you have questions about this product and its application in your project, please call or email 

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